Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IPhone, Facebook, Netflix, and Wii

Feeling good and trying to occupy myself with fun things around the house. Loaded some word games onto the awesome iPhone. I can now stand on both feet now that I have the "boot" , so now I can bowl and play tennis on the Wii. Watched a couple of really good films on Netflix: Bottle Shock and Fever Pitch (the original from 1997 with Colin Firth NOT the one with Jimmy Fallon). I get out walking a little bit each day on this new boot but Cheverly is not flat!
Even cleaned out a closet and took out the trash, wheee!


  1. Do you have Wurdle on your iPhone? That is a fun game - I'd recommend it if you start to lose interest in what you currently have. Take care!

  2. I like Scramble too! Of course, if you are SERIOUSLY bored, you can tackle the great film musicals of the past 50 years...I suggest "Singing in the Rain", "West Side Story", "Grease 1 AND 2", "Xanadu", "Chicago" and "Mamma Mia"

    Glad you are (relatively) mobile again. :-)