Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Second post of the day

Since I am just laying in bed with this gimpy knee, I watched a movie, "Crazy, Sexy Cancer".
It follows actress Kris Carr and her journey with a rare, incurable cancer. It is very upbeat and a well done production. I recommend it highly. She is still thriving since her dx 10 years ago. She comes across as the type of person you would want at your side while fighting cancer. She has written several books on cancer-fighting diets. I don't know about wheat grass juice and other plants diet but it looks like it has helped her.
I do need more veggies though.

Website: http://kriscarr.com/

It is available through Netflix on DVD. I watched it online but can't remember where. Not on Youtube.

Irony is funny

I got an awesome new weight set from Rogue Fitness. It came in many boxes. All heavy. We also got a new treadmill in an extremely heavy box. I had been excitedly waiting for their arrival. They finally did arrive but I had to wait a couple of days to put them together because of work.

Somehow in the moving of the boxes into the house, I believe I popped a bursa sac in my right knee. It is Tuesday. I have been laid up since Friday night when my knee swelled up like a grapefruit. It is getting better but I haven't been to work or a workout. I can hear the equipment and the bikes calling from the basement, "Come use us. Get stronger. Get fitter."


I did search online for workouts to do with an immobile leg so I have been able to move and take care of the stiff back I get from laying around. Actually, it has not been so bad. I did get to chill some. I realized this is what regular people do. They rest. Resting does get boring though.

Monday, June 3, 2013

June already?

Hi all,

Doing well as always. The biggest stress right now is the end of the school year. We still have two weeks before school is done and then we teachers can relax and start our summer jobs.

The swim club is open. Aborted my swim after 10 laps on opening day. Water was too darn cold. It took me two hours to warm up afterwards. The next week I swam 1000m no problem. I look forward to summer lap swimming. 45 minutes in the water with just the sound of bubbles rushing by. It's my time of mindfulness and clarity.

The girls are getting too big to throw and flip around in the pool. I will do my best before they break me.

I am waiting patiently for this to arrive to put in the basement. Sometimes with cancer you want to crush something. I am going to channel this feeling toward more fitness.