Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer!

Wow, time flies! School is out and I get to spend my days with my beautiful daughters. (No teacher hours so I can now get a full night's sleep.) Still lots of running around. The girls are done with track but softball is in full swing. 

How am I doing you ask?

Very, very well. Physically, I am in good shape. I have drifted away from the P90X exercise program. It was very good for me to lose weight and gain muscle. Now, the weather is great outside so I have been trying to cycle and swim more. Swam a mile yesterday. Felt good and the conditioning I did in the early spring made it easy.

Medically, I am due for a quarterly MRI in a couple of weeks. I will visit my neurologist next week to address a different anti-seizure medicine. I have been on generic versions of Keppra. I have found over the last few months that I have been more agitated and my fuse is shorter and have periods of depression. I am looking for something without those side effects.