Monday, September 26, 2011

First Cyclocross Race!

One of the things I got after brain surgery and PT for my leg was a new Cyclocross (CX) bike. I had wanted one for long while. I put it to good use this past weekend in my first attempt at CX racing at the Tacchino CX in Upper Marlboro. It was muddy and hard and a blast! It was fun, before, during and after. Crashed (not bad) in warm-ups but not in the race. Brats and beer taste even better when mixed with the mud and sweat from the event. The atmosphere of the event is very cool, too. It is a lap race with much slower speeds so the fans can really see the cyclists and cheer them on. There was a live band and many beers and good food for a Sunday morning. Like a muddy festival.
Probably will do another race in two weeks in Hyattsville.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Years?!?!

The girls and I called my Aunt tonight to wish her a Happy Birthday. In the conversation, she mentioned that it was two years ago that I had my surgery. Wow. I knew that anniversary was around this time but I had forgotten the exact date. Things were going pretty fast at that time so I had lost track of the calendar dates. I think it was a Monday.

But I am here and very alive and very busy. So tonight, I poured myself a stiff drink and raised a toast to myself (after I got the daughters to bed.) When Marcie gets back from Belfast this weekend I will raise a toast to her for always being there with me.

And I drink a toast to all who are fighting this fight with me.