Monday, September 21, 2009

Most dangerous part is behind us...

We didn't slip in the shower or get into a car accident on the way to the hospital. Statistically speaking, we're past the most dangerous part of our day.

The anesthesiologist and neurosurgeon each got a good nights sleep (thankfully they didn't have to get up at 3:45 like us). An electrophysiologist will work with them to map the brain. They have a solid plan for the day and are confident and optimistic.

We are feeling strong, thanks in large part to the support and love that has enveloped us these past couple weeks. Thank you. Jim was in good spirits when he went into surgery this morning. His parents and brother, and my mom, are waiting with me. We don't expect many updates throughout the the meantime, be patient and believe all is well.

Keep the prayers and positive energy coming.

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