Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am so happy to be 41!

Yep, made it. Looking forward to more birthdays! My birthday fell on Mother's day so I got to spend it with my wonderful wife and beautiful daughters. Gorgeous day for breakfast outside and a hike on Roosevelt Island Park. I like birthdays, I REALLY like birthdays now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Race for Hope 2011

For the first time in years I ran a 5K, a very special 5K. This was the Race for Hope to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. It was a cool but great day on Pennsylvania Ave in DC. I ran pretty well, not fast but not slow. Brain tumor survivors (me) had special yellow t-shirts and got many special cheers. (Eyes got a little moist). What a great event! (Aunt Barbara: I made the video quickly before my race and I am in it.)

Me and my BT Buddy @jimgm20 at the Washington DC Race for Hop... on TwitpicI met some amazing people there. Finally met Natalya Jagger, founder of BT Buddies from the UK. She brought along works from her Behind the Mask Exhibition.

One of the masks exhibited was from another survivor, Deidre Kohler of South Africa.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Latest Scan (A Good Friday) and some random thoughts

Spent the evening of Holy Thursday at NIH getting my quarterly MRI scan. Returned on the morning of Good Friday and got the result. The tumor appears to continue to slowly shrink, yeah! Very relieved. I will continue the same plan of Temodar every fourth week through 24 cycles. I am at 18.

The news is quite good and quite relieving. As this fight goes on though, it is mentally and emotionally tough. Physically I feel pretty good. I am more fit now than two years ago before this fight started. Staying positive has always been my aim.

Maintaining a positive mindframe over an extended period is draining. Marcie has been great and sees when I am down. Other times, I have to let down the facade and let her know that I need "Help!" or I need to just vent. Sometimes I just need to let the tears flow.

Don't get me started on my "wise" choice to take an online grad course this semester. Marcie heard me curse myself all through that course. The class was fine, I just bit off more than I could chew. It just took up more time and energy than I could afford to give it. I did end up with an "A", learned enough, fulfilled some professional requirements, but sacrificed time that is so precious.

Spent last week in the Great Smoky Mountains with the kids and some great friends. It was wonderful to get out of town and get into the woods. Saw a bear!