Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From good to better

Jim's doing even better today than yesterday. His neurosurgeon was so impressed by Jim's progress than he is sending Jim to a regular room today. The nurse just came in to say they have a bed and we'll be heading out soon. We won't be sorry to say goodbye to the ICU. If all continues on this course, Jim could come home tomorrow.

He continues to recover. He is eating solid food and having conversations. Right now, he's sitting in a chair playing with his new iPhone. I just showed him all the messages on facebook and the blog, which has raised his spirits higher than ever. Thank you all.


  1. Hi Jim and Marcie,
    Glad to hear everything is going well! That is fantastic! We continue to send out thoughts and prayers out to you!
    Ann (Koebel), Doug, Josh and Drew Miller

  2. Another collective sigh of relief! Thanks for sharing the update...We're continuing to hope all goes well!

  3. Been keeping an eye here all day for confirmation that all is still good and continuing to get better. Thanks for thinking of all of us in the midst of all of that. Namaste!

  4. Dear Jim and Marcie...
    Just realized what was going on in DC and caught up with the blog and facebook postings. Just wanted you to know that Dennis and I are certain your recovery will be smooth and strong. I admire the way you are handling this with your girls and your always-smiling approach to life. All my best.

  5. Jim and Marcie- fabulous news. Those 8th graders are chomping at the bit to get you back- so rest up while you can :-) We're so happy you are doing well. Peggy, Mike and Kat Callahan