Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Home sweet home

Less than 48 hours after surgery, Jim is home from the hospital! Everyone (medical professionals included) is overjoyed by his progress.

He looks terrific. If it wasn't for the impressive 8" crescent shaped incision on the side of his head, you'd never know he just had brain surgery.

His language is remarkable. Occasionally he has trouble retrieving the word he wants to use, or understanding everything he's reading or hearing. But he's holding conversations, reading books, and communicating well. We're confident he'll be back to 100% very soon.

For now, he'll rest at home as he recoops from both the achilles and brain surgeries. We welcome you to continue sending messages of love and support electronically or by mail. We'll let you know when he's ready for visitors.


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  2. thanks for the update... sending love and light and healing energy... hang in there, hugs to you all, Nikol