Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Irony Part II

I got congratulations for my return to running this week. Ironically, the delayed return to running had less to do with the brain tumor and more to my healing achilles tendon rupture surgery (September surgery 5 days before the brain surgery). My right calf muscle is still smaller than the left but the limp is pretty much gone. I am sure my speed will never return. Of course speed was never there in the first place. (Boy, was I a sight for a while: hair falling out, puffy face, drooping left eyelid, and a big limp.) Finally, made it to the pool today. Easy half-mile+. Felt good. Lot of work before I am beach ready though.

I am in a chemotherapy regimen right now of one week on pills, three weeks off. This is the 3rd "off" week. Back to chemo pills next week. Interested to see how I will be effected this time as I move farther away for the radiation treatments.

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