Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Irony is funny

I got an awesome new weight set from Rogue Fitness. It came in many boxes. All heavy. We also got a new treadmill in an extremely heavy box. I had been excitedly waiting for their arrival. They finally did arrive but I had to wait a couple of days to put them together because of work.

Somehow in the moving of the boxes into the house, I believe I popped a bursa sac in my right knee. It is Tuesday. I have been laid up since Friday night when my knee swelled up like a grapefruit. It is getting better but I haven't been to work or a workout. I can hear the equipment and the bikes calling from the basement, "Come use us. Get stronger. Get fitter."


I did search online for workouts to do with an immobile leg so I have been able to move and take care of the stiff back I get from laying around. Actually, it has not been so bad. I did get to chill some. I realized this is what regular people do. They rest. Resting does get boring though.

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