Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer!

Wow, time flies! School is out and I get to spend my days with my beautiful daughters. (No teacher hours so I can now get a full night's sleep.) Still lots of running around. The girls are done with track but softball is in full swing. 

How am I doing you ask?

Very, very well. Physically, I am in good shape. I have drifted away from the P90X exercise program. It was very good for me to lose weight and gain muscle. Now, the weather is great outside so I have been trying to cycle and swim more. Swam a mile yesterday. Felt good and the conditioning I did in the early spring made it easy.

Medically, I am due for a quarterly MRI in a couple of weeks. I will visit my neurologist next week to address a different anti-seizure medicine. I have been on generic versions of Keppra. I have found over the last few months that I have been more agitated and my fuse is shorter and have periods of depression. I am looking for something without those side effects.


  1. Hi. I'm also on generic Keppra, but have also been taking Vimpat for about a month now. Last week I had a fit of frustration that I couldn't control and dare say is out of character for me, so I'll be talking about it with my neuro-onco as well. Don't think it was the Keppra, as I haven't noticed having any major issues with it in the past (taken about a year now), but who knows.

    My quarterly MRI is tomorrow and will be meeting with said NO next Monday. That's great you're able to swim a mile. Can't even imagine that, because I can barely swim...ha I'll have to tune up my bike though and take it out once I can get past some things.

  2. Hope your MRI went well. Mine is Friday. My neuro has me adding Lamictal. We will be spending the next few months trying to find right balance of meds.

  3. I'm pretty sure MY shorter fuse is a side effect of my beautiful children, God love 'em...

  4. That previous one was Jane, by the way.