Sunday, August 7, 2011

This triathlon made me very happy!

Eagle Lake Short Sprint Triathlon:
2nd in my age group.
12th out of 200 overall.
4th in the cycling stage.
I assume I was the highest finisher with Brain Cancer.
I will take it!

This whole event was kind of a surprise. I was not even aware of this race until four days prior to it. We were going to be in the area of this race in Michigan staying with some dear friends, Paul and Deirdre. I don't know if Paul was daring me or joking with me when he sent an email telling me about the race just a couple miles from their lake home.

I had already packed my bike and running shoes so I figured, "Why Not?" I had not been really training and figured it was short enough that it wouldn't be a pain fest. So I had a good swim and better bike. It was a very short run that did not allow enough distance for the true runners to catch up.

I also had a GREAT cheering squad of Goeke-Moreys, Rowlands, and Worlands cheering me on at the swim, transitions, and finish! I also have a wonderful wife whose responds to most of my crazy ideas with, "You should do it!"

Now I am psyched for more races. Warrior Dash or Primal Mud Run, anyone? Cyclocross races? Who is with me?


  1. Hahaha! Freaking awesome - race 'em all!

  2. wow - that is amazing - i imagine you were high on life that day! Keep racing I say