Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Update

Hi everyone,
Again I am a lazy blogger. Just had two weeks of wonderful vacation. A week in Florida with Marcie and the girls. After that, the girls' awesome Grandparents took them for another week so Marcie and I could have our own vacation. We had a great week of camping in Maine. So peaceful and beautiful and great weather. Hiking and exploring during the day. Bottle of wine around the campfire at night. Total relaxation.

Once we returned, I had my quarterly MRI reading. More good times! The reading showed a small area of shrinkage and no growth! Such a relief. I will continue with the chemo pills and a decision will be made at the next clinic visit to decide whether to continue beyond 24 cycles.



  1. Did you ever think you would talk about 'shrinkage' with such joy? Glad for the great news!

  2. Yay! We follow your journey and pray for your continued good news.
    Give Marcie and the girls our best!

  3. Very glad to hear from you again, Jim. Best wishes for continued improvement & success!