Friday, March 26, 2010


This week was filled with anxiousness waiting to have my quarterly MRI. Today, Marcie and I went to get the results. We heard again some good words. "Great" is the exact word the Doctor used! What a relief. "Great" is the word they use when the brain tumor is NOT growing. I can live with that. Literally. I would prefer that it is shrinking or gone but I will take "not growing". Growing would be bad.

What happens now? First, I go about life trying to live as fully as possible. (A good motto for everyone. Don't forget your vegetables ;-) Medically, I will still be taking chemotherapy pills every fourth week and some other medicine. I will get monthly blood tests and in June another MRI. Yay.

Now, I deserve a reward. Suggestions? New bike? A trip to Europe? A pony?
Marcie, for all that she has done and for being right next to me through all of this deserves a bigger reward. Maybe I'll get her a pony.

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  1. You should come to beautiful Columbus, Oh. It is a vacation paradise :o) Although, if you choose ponies, I couldn't argue with that! SOOO happy with this news.