Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halfway and half days of work

Today was my 15th radiation treatment out of 30. Still feeling really good but my hair is abandoning me. I feel like I've got the mange. Time to go buy a good set of clippers to even it out.

Close call for Saba the cat. She almost got banished to Grandma's in St. Louis because I thought her fur was really irritating my left eye. Turns out a tear gland is "stunned" from the radiation and is not producing enough tears so my eye is constantly dry and itchy. The Doc said just use some Visine to clear it up. You got lucky, Saba.

More importantly, I was finally able to get the clearance to go back to work teaching US History to the eighth graders at St. Ambrose. I am so pleased to be working with the kids again! Amara and Carrie go to school at St. Ambrose so I get to see them everyday, also. I am only working to lunchtime when I skedaddle and catch the Metro to NIH for my daily date with the lovely radiation techs. They are really wonderful people and have been taking good care of me.

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