Friday, November 13, 2009

A good but busy week

4 radiation treatments. (11 of 30 now complete)
Oncologist appointment
Orthopedist appointment
2 Physical Therapy appointments (for achilles tendon)
One blood draw
H1N1 shot

Good news: No more "boot" for my right achilles tendon. It is strong enough to wear normal shoes. The doctor also said in Marcie's presence that I am permitted to return to riding my bike outside! No running for three months though (not a big loss).

More good news: Weekly blood tests show red blood cell count is normal (meaning that the chemo is not throwing my system out of whack) . Oncologist says don't come back to see him until just before Christmas. Orthopedist says just don't come back to see him at all (unless I hurt myself again.)

More good news: hair is still holding on to my head for dear life. Actually felt better this week than last. Last week I was very drowsy every afternoon. We are now chalking it up to the earlier sunset after daylight savings time.

Bad news: Took the girls for flu shots. Let's just say it was not a quiet session with the nurse.

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  1. Hi Jim.. see you are doing pretty well, lots of good news it is always encouraging!! your halloween pictures are great.. lovely family!! love from the Bremners from Tokyo