Saturday, February 21, 2015

I AM still alive

I am the worst blogger ever.  If anyone had followed me previously they might have assumed, for dire reasons, I could not blog any more.

Nahh, it was just busy-ness and some laziness, too.

I am alive and very well. I really have nothing to say about changes in my health. I just had a MRI and report at NIH this week. No real change was shown. I did get to meet the new director of the Neuro-Oncology Branch of the Center for Cancer Research at the National Institutes of Health. Seriously, that is the full name of the department. Mark Gilbert is the new director. I am excited that he is here. He comes from MD Anderson in Texas and has done great work there.

It is a snowy day here in the DC area. Time to light a fire and enjoy the afternoon with the family.

Keep warm,


  1. I love when no newsisgiod news. Thanks for making my morning :)

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