Friday, April 22, 2011

It was like a bar, only so not

It is 7:45 at night. A TV is on the wall in the corner showing SportsCenter. Three men who do not know each other are paying half attention to the screen. They are having a lively conversation about baseball players, full of anecdotes and trivia. They are enjoying this random camaraderie.

This could be happening in a bar or even a barber shop.

The setting of this conversation is decidedly different. This conversation took place in the MRI waiting room at the National Institutes of Health. They were not there to have a drink. They were there waiting for a scan on their brain tumors. They will find out the next day. For those moments in the waiting room, their stress dissipated like a scene from Field of Dreams. Tomorrow will bring news but at that time those men wished they were in a bar. Because, Lord knows, we could use a beer.

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