Friday, August 13, 2010

Of course the latest MRI showed no new growth...

...why was I worried?
I was originally scheduled for an MRI in the last week of August but school starts that week. NIH was kind enough to move it up four weeks (due to timing of the temodar schedule).
Once again: NO GROWTH OR CHANGE! Some of the "golfball" is still there and probably will always be there with the assumption it is scar tissue. The only concern anyone had was the nurse who took my vitals. He was concerned that my heart rate was too low. He measured it at 43 bpm and 46 bpm. I explained that I have always had a low rate and have been cycling and swimming much this summer. I've got a race to get ready for! The docs were not concerned.

I go into the MRIs as positive as possible but it is not something one can be 100% positive about. Those doubts and fears are there, I try to keep them to be fleeting whispers. Marcie is great at keeping me up emotionally on these MRI report days. She is wonderful.

Cycling mileage is where it needs to be. Swimming mileage is there also. Just need to get faster!

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  1. That's great news Jim :) Good luck on the Triathlon!!