Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Famous! (sort of...)

I won a drawing by the organization with the goal to bring the FIFA World Cup to the US in 2018 0r 2022. They sent me a beautiful, personalized US jersey and interviewed me for their blog. The interview is here:

I actually am sharing the home page of the site with the US Mens Team, President Obama, President Clinton and VP Biden...sort of.

For the interview they found my blog and asked me about it. They asked why I decided to blog and what advice do I have for those starting their fight with cancer:

GoUSABid: You have a blog that chronicles your experience with brain cancer, how did you decide to blog about this experience? What advice do you have for those who might just be starting cancer treatment?
ME: The blog came out as way to communicate to friends and family around the country and world. I wanted to keep everyone updated on my brain surgery, recovery, radiation treatments and chemotherapy. I wanted information out there so people wouldn't be guessing or expecting the worst. I have always felt strong and positive through this situation and wanted my friends to support my fight in the same way. Right now, only the blog has been suffering as I am too busy living to update it regularly!

My advice is to stay positive. I have on my computer desktop a statement that I typed early on when I was pretty scared. I wanted to record my thoughts as I started my fight. I simply typed, "I choose to live." That became my mantra. I also would not be doing so well without my incredibly supportive wife and family and the best doctors, nurses and staff that I could find.

Side note: I spent several months at home after my brain surgery. Thank God for the daily afternoon soccer matches on ESPN and Fox Soccer!

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